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Photography Consultancy & Private Tuition

 by Elden Chase ARPS, LBIPP, ASWPP, ABBPA.


City & Guilds Level 3 Qualified Further Education Teacher in Professional Photography.

Tel:  01708 630166

 Weekday, Daytime sessions Only

Individuals:   Lessons / Workshops from £60 for 2 hours intensive.

Your first lesson includes an assessment of your current abilities to ascertain your specific learning requirements.  We then tailor a course based solely on your personal targets.  Lessons include some Theory and Lots of  Practical with full supervision. The lesson includes an assignment based on the lesson plan. Assignment can also be extended in your own time.  These assignments will reinforce the lesson and help you towards your professional portfolio.

Groups: Lessons / Workshops from £25 per hour pp.- max 4.

Build a super portfolio! Includes assessment, theory, practical in studio or location and assignments.


Learn the secrets of the trade









Lessons Can Include

The following subjects as required:

Equipment Skills: 35mm, 120 and 5x4” or Digital

Subjects As Required


Digital imaging

Use of Lenses.

Film types Negative v Transparency. 

Lighting: Daylight, Flash & Studio Lighting.  Correct Exposure metering

Composition, Posing , Framing, Taking.

Camera Parts

Basic Camera Care


Aperture / Shutter Settings

ISO / ASA Settings

Camera Technique all formats

Digital camera use



Lighting Studio & Daylight

Print Critique

Health & Safety

Questions & Answers

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Camera Use

Photography Procedures

Buying Film

Loading Film all formats.

Setting Aperture

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Lighting

Choosing Subject/Background

Creative Techniques

Analyse Work and resolve problems

Starting your own photography business

How to sell your work

Copying Photographs/Art work.

Intro to Photoshop









Specialist Classes include


Portrait photography amateur/professional

Commercial & Industrial photography

Professional studio techniques

Wedding Photography for beginners and advanced

  Starting your own photography business


Elden Chase has been in professional photography since 1982 and is an advanced FETC City & Guilds qualified teacher.

Classes are held in Elden’s Professional studio in Barking, Essex.

Tuition for amateurs or professionals.

 £50 first lesson then £60 per lesson thereafter.

One to one Fast Track Learning.

Classes are tailor made to suit the requirements of  each learner.

One-To-One Sessions and Group Workshops (Max 4 Persons) are held weekdays only.



Want to know more?

  Tel:  01708 630166

Photography Courses by Elden Chase, ARPS, LBIPP, ASWPP, ABPPA..

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