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Featuring UK Professional Photographer:          Elden Chase, ARPS, LBIPP.

Midland Bank, London


"Scenes around London"



Lloyds Building


Lloyds Building








Northern Trust Building Canary Warf





Northern Trust Building

Canary Warf






Location Photography

This photograph of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge was taken in summer 1998.




essex landscape photography of Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

Photography © Chase Studios



Advertising Photography UK - Copyright 1998 Chase Studios Commercial Photography UK

Photograph © uk photographer Elden Chase



Buildings Photography

This shot of Savoy Hotel, London was used on a prestige Phone Card.


Client:   New Word Pay Phones

Agent:    NWP



Night Photograph

Night Time Photography Shot for Local Council


Client: Barking & Dagenham Council

Agent:  Gemini



night2.jpg (30369 bytes)

Photograph © Chase Studios



Interior architechture photographer barking london

Photography © Chase Studios


Interior Architecture Photography

Architectural Shot Of Barking Vicarage Fields Shopping Centre

Client:   Barking Council

Agent:    Gemini





Architecture Photography

This shot is from Ford Dagenham Site.


Architecture Photography

This shot is from Ford Dagenham Site.




Architecture Photography


Lakeside, Essex.




Kitchen Interior





Chase Studios have been involved in photography for Architects, Builders and Developers since 1979. We have worked with some of the biggest in the UK. From the Nat West Building, London to The QEII Bridge, Essex.  Architectural Services include Large Format, High Quality Interior and Exterior Shots, Site Progress Photography, Aerial Photography and Annual Reports.  Supplied on Film, Prints, Slides or CD.


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