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Featuring UK Professional Photographer:

Elden Chase, ARPS, ABIPP.


Backstage Photographs of S Club 7.  Photography by Elden Chase. ARPS.

S Club 7      Client:  MTV / Nickelodeon Latin America

Photograph of Students for College Prospectus by UK Photographer Elden Chase.  Won National College Prospectus Award.

College Students       Client: Tower Hamlets College


Photograph of UK Gladiators Shadow & Scorpio, by UK Photographer Elden Chase,  ARPS.

Gladiators:  Client: Lazer




Currently working with Blazing Squad


Photo of Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church by UK Photographer, Elden Chase

Photography © Chase Studios

Client:  FMC


Photo of Charlotte Church

Photograph of Charlotte Church 22/12/99

Photography © Chase Studios

Client:  FMC


Photography for schools, colleges and Universities

Photograph © Chase Studios

Education Photography

 Cover of college brochure


client: Havering College

Agent: Gemini



Travel Photography

This Shot was used in the International Students Guide.

Client: Tower Hamlets College

Agent: Bernard Hodes




London UK Travel Photography - photo of student

Photography © Chase Studios


Photo of Dave Courtney By Chase Studios Photography UK

Author Dave Courtney


Headmaster on Playing Field by UK Photographer, Elden Chase

Photography © Chase Studios


By UK Professional Photographer, Elden Chase

Photography © Chase Studios


uk digital imaging photography london essex - shot of cowboy

Photography © Chase Studios

Professional Photograph of  Colin Mcrea and his co-driver Nicky  Grist. Signing of the 1999 Ford Rally Team  Contract. Malcolm Wilson - Colin McRea - Nicky Grist - Martin Whitaker


Motorsport Photography

When Ford needed their "most hardened photographer", they chose Elden Chase.

Photograph of  Colin McRea and his co-driver Nicky  Grist. Signing of the 1999 Ford Rally Team  Contract.


Advertising Photography

Award Winning Cover of a recent brochure we shot for our client Tower Hamlets College.


London Advertising Photography - Tower Hamlets College

Photograph © Chase Studios


Photograph © uk photographer Elden Chase




Lola Owolaby - Proof for CD Cover

Lola    Gospel Singer


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